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This last chapter could have been written by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.

In the late 1970's, Law (201.10 #304 (c) (d) was voted in the United States, which is quite complex but it gave "The former Owner" the legal right to reclaim the ACD estate by serving a "Notice of Termination" to the new owner. As Dame Jean had also sold her "Reversionary rights" to her sister in law, Princess Mdivani, "Baskervilles Investments Ltd. UK". this meant that only the Estate of the Princess had the rights to Terminate the new ownership. This did not stop Dame Jean, on advice from a man named Jon Lellenberg, from "winging it".

a) This law is very precise: The Notice had to be addressed to the new owner by "Personal Service" or "First Class Registered mail."

b) The notice had to include "The title and the date each copyright was originally secured in and each work to which the Notice of Termination applied".

First mistake:
Instead of hiring a reputable Copyright Lawyer in the United States, Dame Jean fell under the control of Jon Lellenberg. This man talked her into becoming her "Agent" to deal with her legal claims.

Second mistake:
Jon Lellenberg hired an associate Saul Cohen, a Texas lawyer, to file the "Notice of Termination". This man had no knowledge of copyright matters at all and did not do his homework either.

Third mistake:
In 1979, Saul Cohen served a "Notice of Termination" to Sheldon Reynolds who was no longer the copyright owner. He could have discovered that Andre Milos was. This was public knowledge, as it was and is recorded the U.S. Copyright Office. Cohen's other slip-up was that he also failed to name the list of the works being terminated. As a Result: Dame Jean did not recapture her father's copyrights.

Saul Cohen and Jon Lellenberg did not realize their error for a year or so. When they did, they tried to cover it up by a fraud.

Fourth Fatal mistake:
a) Saul Cohen "certified" that he had also served a Notice of Termination to Andre Milos, the rightful owner of the copyrights.
b) Saul Cohen gave in his certification an address to which the "Notice" was purported to have been addressed to Andre Milos.
c) That address simply did and does not exist in Geneva, Switzerland.
d) And of course, as Andre Milos was not served, his signature acknowledging receipt of the "Notice of Termination" does not exist.

Deceit rarely takes precedence over the law.

The Sir Arthur Conan Doyle Literary Estate is still administered by Andrea Milos-Plunket, Lady Duncan's daughter.

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