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Sherlock Holmes
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He soon came to realize that considerable sums of money had bypassed the beneficiaries, having been paid to Adrian and his associates for so-called "advice!" There had been three films made including Brigadier Gerard and The Secret life of Sherlock Holmes, with total budgets of $30,000,000. According to the files, the Estate's fees were less than $30,000, which of course was most unlikely. The person running the office was very defensive about the film situation and said it had all been Adrian's business and had nothing to do with her.

Jonathan Clowes gave Princess Nina a rather critical report. He pointed out that there was "very little chance of the three ladies ever agreeing about anything." He added that it might be sensible for them to sell the Literary Estate, and share the proceeds. To his surprise, they all agreed. When asked the name of a buyer he could recommend, he answered "Booker Brothers." At this point, the three ladies advertised the potential sale in a number of newspapers, including Variety, and as it happens, Booker Brothers offered the highest bid.

However, as soon as this offer was received, the three ladies were on the warpath again. Jean and Anna wanted to accept the Booker Brothers offer, Nina did not and so the three women went to Court once more. The case dragged-on for weeks at colossal cost, with the Judge becoming "more and more irritated."

Jonathan Clowes advised Nina to buy out her two sisters-in-law, offering the Booker Brothers price plus an extra 10,000. She thought this was a wonderful idea but added that there was a slight problem: she didn't have the money. Sydney Pearlman, her lawyer, saved the day. Based upon Jonathan's estimate of the potential value of the literary estate, he persuaded the Royal Bank of Scotland to lend Princess Mdivani the money, with the literary copyrights as security. Continued...

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